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Coexistence acrobats is the collaboration of

Zora Nikodemova and Michel Lindner

Zora and Michel started working with each other in 2000. Both artists have an extraordinary background.

Michel Lindner (1970)born in Mauritius. Michel is known internationally and is an experienced acrobat. After studying architecture at the Polytechnical University in Delft (NL), Michel created his own education in becoming an acrobat/performer. He studied with many teachers including the ‘Osmani’s’ and ‘Como brothers’ in Holland as well as with Radondy (France), Franki Anderson (UK) and at the Russian State Circus school in Moscow.

Michel performed in varété, streettheater and the entertainment industry with mainly his own productions. During his career he obtained several prizes including the runner up (‘people’s choice’) award at the Daidogei Worldcup in Shizuoka, Japan (with trio Salires)

Besides performing Michel also teaches performance and circusskills. He does this with amateurs as well as with professionals, as teacher or as coach. Michel is also the intitiator of the Rotterdam Circus Academy (BA in circusarts). He was responsible for part (content) of the accreditation and coördinator during the first three years.

Michel: +31 624663179 (NL)

Zora:   +45 29659413 (DK)